About Shay

Shay White’s entire story is one of resilience. At a young age she recognized that a life of poverty was no fun, and opportunities to positively impact change are few and far between. Shay chose Oklahoma as her home where she earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Oral Roberts University and went on to achieve a Masters from OU, also in Social Work. Shay currently serves as a licensed mental health provider for elementary aged children in public schools. Through her studies, career, and community involvement, Shay White has become passionate about issues affecting our families and children in Oklahoma.

Shay White is committed to truly representing the residents of District 77. To do so, Shay will use her vast experience and talents to elevate issues that for too long have been ignored by a legislature that can only be described as dysfunctional and as a cesspool of bad policy. Having personally witnessed the devastating impact of bad legislation on average citizens and armed with knowledge gained from her work with the Oklahoma Policy Institute and from her day to day work with Oklahoma families, Shay White is dedicated to representing the interests, values and priorities of District 77 residents and of the many Oklahoma citizens that are anxious to see the Oklahoma Legislature address and solve the very real problems that impact their lives and limit their opportunities to thrive. Supported by her faith that teaches her to help others, Shay White will work tirelessly and with the resolve and resiliency that she has demonstrated her entire life to inspire other legislators and the public at large to join her in the fight to create citizen friendly legislation, the kind that truly enables all Oklahomans to participate and thrive, the kind that addresses fundamental issues. As a constituent-driven candidate, Shay White is truly passionate about proving how great a state we can become just by working together to support policy that benefits all Oklahomans.


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